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Senior Portraits Tips from Real Pro Photographers

This week we looked at senior portrait photography and had a great opportunity to interview certified professional photographer Cassandra Sullivan. In 2015 and 2013, Cassandra was awa...

In portrait photography, Jul 23, 2019

Interview With Wedding and Fashion Photographer Brett Florens

Brett Florens is internationally known South African photographer. His work has been published around the globe. Brett has accumulated numerous accolades including the distinction as ...

In wedding photography, Jul 18, 2019

Fashion & Glamour Photography With Frank Doorhof

This week we are happy to share with you an interview with a photographer Frank Doorhof from the Netherlands! Frank is model/fashion and artist photographer. Over the years Frank shot...

In fashion photography, Jun 08, 2019

19 Online Fashion Photography Classes You Have to Check!

Interested in learning more about fashion photography? We picked up premium online fashion photography classes from internationally professional photographers at CreativeLive, Skillsh...

In fashion photography, Jun 01, 2019

Real Estate Photography Jobs by Pro Photographers

Are you looking for a real estate / architectural photographer job and curious how much money you can earn in this business?

In business, May 27, 2019

Real Estate Photography Tips from a Photographer Sherry Watkins

We are happy to share with you an interview with real estate photographer Sherry Watkins from Alabama. Sherry is the founder and owner of a virtual real estate company Go2REAssistant ...

In real estate photography, May 26, 2019

Interview With a Maestro of Architectural Photography Thierry Dehove

This week we are all in architectural photography and so happy to share with you an interview with a pro-architecture photographer Thierry Dehove. Throughout his career, Thierry has ...

In architectural photography, Apr 30, 2019

Street Photography With Luc Kordas

This week we took a look at the street photography, also sometimes called candid photography. As photographers say, street photography is very challenging, but also rewarding type of ...

In street photography, Apr 20, 2019

Interview With Instagram Master Tyson Wheatley

We are happy to share with you an interview with a photographer Tyson Wheatley, who spent 11 years working for CNN, where he helped launched CNN iReport, CNN’s participatory journalis...

In interview, Apr 02, 2019

Professional Sports Photographer Shares His Best Tips

This week we have the pleasure of interviewing highly experienced sports photographer Don McPeak. Throughout his career, Don shot sports events for magazines like Sports Illustrated, ...

In sports photography, Mar 31, 2019