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Interview with Instagram Master Tyson Wheatley

We are happy to share with you an interview with a photographer Tyson Wheatley, who spent 11 years working for CNN, where he helped launched CNN iReport, CNN’s participatory journalis...

In interview, photography, Apr 02, 2019

Professional Sports Photographer Shares His Best Tips

This week we have the pleasure of interviewing highly experienced sports photographer Don McPeak. Throughout his career, Don shot sports events for magazines like Sports Illustrated, ...

In interview, sport photography, Mar 31, 2019

Interview with American Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker, Ami Vitale

This week we were honnored to interview an inspiring and talented photographer Ami Vitale, who’s photo stories will undoubtedly touch your heart. Ami is a Nikon Ambassador and photogr...

In interview, nature photography, Mar 16, 2019

Interview with American Writer, Photographer, Journalist Daniel Krieger

Daniel Krieger is a professional writer and photographer with over a decade of journalistic experience. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including the New York Time...

In interview, portrait photography, Mar 15, 2019

Cinematographer Salary in US, UK and India (54.500 USD average)

Cinematographer salaries varies between 27.500 USD and 115.500 USD depending on experience, employer, and location. Follow our guide to see where you can get paid more !

In cinema, Feb 16, 2019

Photography Classes for 7 Different Types of Photography

Are you looking for the classes & courses to improve your photographer’s skills? Are you interested in a particular type of photography and would you like to get for example the s...

In photography, Jan 28, 2019

Photographer Jobs - Websites You Have to Check

Whether you’re working as a self-employed or looking for a permanent job, we’ve created a list of major job offers websites where you can search for a photographer’s job.

In business, Jan 19, 2019

Wedding Photography: 12 Shots You Can't Miss

Wedding photography is an important day for a photographer because it has a lot of unique moments. This is a true challenge and it requires to anticipate any possible failure (if you ...

In wedding photography, Jan 12, 2019

29 Male Poses Professional Photographers Use For Celebrities

Good pose is a key for a good photo. Good pose can improve the image and emphasize man’s strengths or show “weaknesses.” But can the skill of posing be learned for a photograph?

In photography, Jan 05, 2019

Instagram Hashtags for Photographers (to Increase your Likes and Views)

We picked up a list of some of the most usefull Hashtags for photographers, feel free to use them to increase your likes and views on Instagram and other social medias!

In photography, Jan 04, 2019